Year of the Cobra

Year of the Cobra

Upwell, Hound The Wolves, Smooth Sailing

Fri Feb 16 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


$6.00 - $8.00

This event is 21 and over

Year of the Cobra
Year of the Cobra
Year of the Cobra is a two piece stoner/doom band from Seattle, WA made up of Amy Tung Barrysmith on bass and vocals and Johanes Barrysmith on drums.
Upwell: To move or flow upward; to rise from an inner source.

Upwell’s latest record, “In Through the Outro,” was recorded by Jack Endino at Soundhouse Recording in Seattle and mixed and mastered by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios in Seattle.

"What a blast it was to mix the new Upwell record. Artists so rarely take chances like these guys and a girl. It is one very bold statement of committed, complex, heavy as hell intense rock. Rhythmically, melodically, harmonically and emotionally deep, incredibly immediate and satisfying all at the same time… Self aware but not self conscious or precious, Upwell is a welcome breath of pummeling fresh, dirty air."
~ Martin Feveyear, mixing and mastering engineer

Jack Endino is no stranger to the band – Endino has recorded all of Upwell’s releases since their inception in 2000, and has been Upwell’s fill-in bassist during two different stints when the band found themselves in between bass players. He is now on his third stint as Upwell's current bassist:

“Upwell is one of the most terrifyingly great bands I have ever known out of Seattle; they are so good I had to join them as temp bassist, for an extended period, on two separate occasions, just because I believed in them so much that I didn’t want to see them lose any momentum… Upwell is a band that operates on a whole other level, way over most people’s heads. Their musicianship and songwriting is monstrous… They’re heavy like Soundgarden or Led Zeppelin with killer female vocals, but with their own unique style.”
~ Jack Endino, engineer, producer
Hound The Wolves
Portland, Oregon’s Hound the Wolves liken themselves much to the climate that surrounds them - moody, mysterious and beautifully glum. Their creations are rooted in cyclical repetition and contrast, sonically transforming ritualistic practice into dark and gritty psych metal and droned stoner rock. Fans of Earth, Neurosis and U.S. Christmas now have a new band to enjoy.
Smooth Sailing
Smooth Sailing is both the calm before the storm and the raging torrential downpour of the hurricane that follows. Smooth Sailing is a six week climb to the top of the tallest mountain you can find, and in the moment of greatest triumph as you reach the top, you turn around to see a raging forest fire pursuing you. Then, as you hurriedly climb down the other side to escape, you are faced with a hungry, rabid pack of wolves. Smooth Sailing is the fight between yourself and those wolves. It is the fight to stay alive.

Not many bands can sonically conjure up such vivid imagery. Using phrases of sheer ethereal beauty, followed immediately by ferocious low-ended riffs, then topped off with just enough (not too much) shredded guitar line, Smooth Sailing does exactly that. The Seattle-based sextuplet has been bringing their brand of sonic story telling around the great northwest and west coast since 2009, incapacitating the weak-willed and capturing the hearts of kindred spirits wherever they play. Too metal to be a punk band, and too punk to be a metal band, they fit happily some where in between the two, in a niche that is far more creative than either. Driven by the ferocious, precise and complex pounding rhythms supplied by the drums of Brandon "brando suave" Elizaga , this kind of power needs two basses to guide it home. Jake "stonewall" Vice and Ryan "Ryan" Adams are just the two brave souls to supply that artful, rumbling guidance. The high end of the auditory spectrum is caressed by nimble fingers on the sweat-blessed guitars of Tyler "Boy Wonder" Romo and Christopher "St. Romald Anferny" Elizaga, who also provides his Hawk-like screech of a battle cry to round out the auditory soundscape. Finally, to add just the right amount of visual ambiance to the live show, are the seizure inducing, colorful and smoky lights of effects whiz Tim "Timber" Keener. These six have spent the better part of their lives conditioning themselves for optimum performance and will deliver every time, without fail.
Venue Information:
109 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98109