Demun Jones

Demun Jones

Guns of Nevada, Dead Hexers, Danny Cash And The Gallows, Travis Ness

Sat Jan 27 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

El Corazon

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

Demun Jones
Demun Jones
DEMUN JONES has always had a way of keeping it real when it comes to the music he has written, recorded and performed throughout his career, but, that said, JONES COUNTY might well be the most genuine collection of songs that represents who the Georgia native is and certainly illustrates the place where he's lived his entire life.

Asked how the songs for his forthcoming solo project came about, Demun said, "I went out in my front yard and imagined what are they doing? What are they thinking? What are they going to do? What do I see?"

Life in Jones County, which is just north of Macon, is southern and some, including the Jones family, will say they're rednecks. They drive trucks. They fish and hunt. They like keeping things simple—sort of a what-you-see is what-you-get type of place. All the same, Jones County is what you hear and Demun is hoping people who are from there will respect and love his latest collection of 12 songs, while people who aren't from around those parts will be "captivated by it and want to listen to it."

Demun – a nickname he earned at a young age because he was aggressive and energetic – was 10 years old when he was transfixed by the immergence of N.W.A. and how they represented their own hometown. He's never forgotten how that seminal album affected a southern boy down in Georgia. He's always wanted to do the same for Jones County.
Guns of Nevada
Guns of Nevada delivers a musical cocktail of one-part Outlaw Country, one-part Bluesy Rock, and one-part pure Americana. It's a potent mix of powerful songs which appeal to all age brackets and will remind you where the roots of rock and roll came from. If you're looking for great music, fun times and camaraderie in the crowd, then it's time to see Guns of Nevada play live!
Dead Hexers
----Another new band on the scene are the Dead Hookers, a three-piece of thrash featuring Jinx on vocals. The songs are fairly reminiscent of 80’s punk with some Misfit influences for sure. They’ve got a demo out which you can pick up at shows. It’s early, it’s raw, but should be fun watching ‘em develop.
—Brent Cole
Danny Cash And The Gallows
We are a Johnny Cash tribute band. We do over 60+ Johnny covers, as well as throwing in the occasional Willie, Waylon, Kenny Rogers, Jerry Reed, etc..
Travis Ness
Travis Ness is an independent singer-songwriter in Renton, WA
Venue Information:
El Corazon
109 Eastlake Ave East
Seattle, WA, 98109