Naked Walrus

Naked Walrus

Harmful If Swallowed, Ida Bay, Public Theatre, Rucker

Wed Sep 20 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


$8.00 - $10.00

This event is all ages

Naked Walrus
Naked Walrus
Bio - Naked Walrus is a creative vision developed around the premise of being comfortable in your own skin. A band that showcases a lifestyle of hard work, creativity, and pure rock n roll through their music and actions.

Their live show delivers a straight-forward punch but what really sets them apart is their ability to write infectious melodies and licks that will have you singing for days.

Let me know if you need anything else. We just released a new music video yesterday if you want to share 😉
Harmful If Swallowed
There are some who believe that nothing really lasts in Los Angeles.That it's a place for temporary and transient art, music and people. It's probably a good time for them to listen to Harmful if Swallowed. Born, raised, bred and inspired in LA, Harmful if Swallowed is explosive proof that yes, a killer punk band can grow up and evolve into a killer rock band.

For singer/guitarist Greg Martin, singer/bassist Carlos Nieto and drummer Jay Pinfold the goal is refreshingly simple and clear: preserve the punk attitude but wrap it around big, bold, unforgettable hooks that simultaneously grab both your heart and your brain ... and maybe a few other places too.

The smart, incisive lyrics reflect the fact that these guys have never stopped paying attention over the years. They get the joke and they're more than happy to let you in on it. And they cut their teeth way back when dodging spit and beer bottles which does more to polish performers than most probably realize. But they survived the scene that many bands never made it out of and when you listen to the music today it's clear that there's a good reason for that. Just listen to the folks over at KROQ FM. They've long understood that this band matters so they've always made a home for them there. Then just listen to the new music.

Songs like Blame, Forever and Sleepless are sparkling examples of modern rock that makes total sense. The edge that you feel is the real deal, honed over the years rather than created by a committee. But as good as the music sounds; as fresh and modern and triumphant and soaring and biting and addicting and provoking and exciting as it all is - it's not just the music that makes Harmful if Swallowed so special.

It's the attitude behind the music. That's what the X factor is. That's the curveball. You can't fake having been there and that's what makes this music so real. The punk history is sweetly layered through every new cut; baked in just as it should be..

But the bold modern edge is all new and all ready for the real world. They have re-engineered and re-invented themselves. They are the evolution of classic, melodic punk. There are some things that last in Los Angeles. And one of the best things is Harmful if Swallowed.
Public Theatre
Public Theatre
Public Theatre is a four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Snohomish, Washington. We draw much inspiration from many of the greats to come from the historic Seattle music scene, and aspire to represent this city well with our love and passion for creating music of our own, all while chasing a childhood dream.
Rucker is an alternative rock band from Everett that loves to make noise. Although being new to the scene, they have a lot of experience under their belts and love putting on a good show.
Venue Information:
109 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98109