Face Your Maker

Face Your Maker

Hive, Open Mind

Tue Oct 17 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Face Your Maker
Face Your Maker
The New Premier heavy Deathcore quartet , Face Your Maker, is a punishing force to be reckoned with. A group that brings a diverse sound that gives a breathe of fresh air to the deathcore format which so many others follow. Hailing out of Los Angeles, California, the group represents the West Coast sound that has dominated the Metal Community.
The progression of the group as musicians has
grown through out two EPs, (Dissolution 2012 & Blood Tides 2014) to a Debut Album titled, "Ego Death" due to be released November 16' via Siege Music. .
This new album brings back a nostalgic heavy style that metal world needs. The amount of sheer aggressive speed mixed with violent breakdowns is a combo that cannot be beaten. Ego Death is a pain staking roller coaster that will snap your neck and have you contemplating your existence in this world.
Today, Deathcore can be programmed to the utmost extreme and then be released to the world with out a group to perform it. FYM strives on pushing the intensity up at all times while keeping the music real, so brutality will match the live performance.
Every night with the FYM sqaud is a party, so be sure not to miss out on the violence when we hit your town so you can Face Your Maker.
- Face Your Maker LLC 2016

" When a band describes themselves as simply as “heavy and violent,” it often comes across as a lack of ability on the band’s part to come up with a truly unique way of describing their sound. It can feel forced, lazy, unoriginal—cliché even—most of the time; with the keyword being most. But Californian crushers Face Your Maker aren’t most bands. Built on a bastion of brutalizing blast beats, beefy breakdowns and concussive, spine-shattering slams, Face Your Maker are heaviness incarnate, and the very textbook definition of violent.
Drawing from traditional deathcore influences a la early As Blood Runs Black and Winds of Plague with a penchant for contemporary aggression and lurid, low-and-slow brutality, Face Your Maker stop at nothing to cave in the listener’s skull—be it with their arsenal of skin-shredding riffs, gut-twisting grooves and prolapse-inducing breakdowns, or with their impeccable live performances and ability to capture every ounce of their on-record intensity with an unstoppable concert-going experience.
Face Your Maker are the greatest things about the traditional heavy music stylings of deathcore greats that we know and love, infused with modern metallic production and malicious, murderous intent that makes them a band the listener simply can’t afford to ignore."
- Connor Welsh ( The New Transcendence)
H I V E brings forth immensely heavy, down-tuned Deathcore with polyrhythmic nuances.

After a decades worth of gaining and losing momentum within previous acts, the members of H I V E came together the winter of 2015..

Operating amongst like minded personalities with same love for dark progressive metal, H I V E is based out of the Chicago land area
Open Mind
We are Open Mind, a hardcore band from Seattle.
Venue Information:
109 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98109