C Average

C Average

The U.S. Americans, Me Infecto (CD Release), Richard Stuverud and Friends, The Grindylow

Sun Sep 03 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

C Average
C Average
American Rock / Metal band from Olympia, WA.

The Green Mountain Airways - once a land filled with prosperity and beauty, now lies besieged by the forces of evil. Lofty trade routes, where for a thousand sun cycles thrived a peaceful sky port, now are patrolled by a legion of darkness. Clearly all hope is lost... unless the legend is true. At this moment, the two are being summoned by faithful courier. The two, who, when well practiced and thoroughly rested, possess a magic so powerful it could rid the evil from the land of Illgegaard forever. The two who dwell in Dark Harbor - in the land of Trildor.
Me Infecto (CD Release)
Me Infecto (CD Release)
Heavy bass and drum duo made up of dan infecto on bass and vocals and Ben Larsen on drums. Formed in 2000 in Seattle, relocated to Austin TX with drummer Scott Twitchell 2004-2008 then back to Seattle with Ben on drums. Took a break from 2010 till 2016 but are back in the finest form ever. dan tunes his high strings up and low strings down to play guitar chords and bass lines at the same time through a wall of guitar and bass amps and cabs. Ben and dan go between very loud rhythmic metalish riffs and quiet melodic lines. The vocals follow the dynamics but are raw and lyrics are introspective and gut wrenching. me infecto was very active in the western half of the country in the mid 2000's and recorded many records mostly with producer/engineer Matt Bayles. Working for many months to beef up the original sound, dan and Ben have complied a set of there best old songs as well as some new ones.
Richard Stuverud and Friends
Richard Stuverud is an accomplished drummer and songwriter with experience in recording and touring.

Growing up in Seattle, he began playing drums at an early age.
As the punk rock movement was under way,
Richard found himself performing in several bands at this time, one of which was The Fastbacks. A great initiation into all things rock and roll.
Currently, Richard is working with members of Pear Jam and King's X in the band Tres Mts, who recently toured and performed on NBC Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.
Richard is also featured on Pearl Jam's box set release PJ 93'-95' Vs.-Vitalogy.

Staying in demand with session work in n.y., los angeles and seattle, Richard has worked with various producers and songwriters providing drum tracks and arrangement.
Note worthy bands include Columbia recording artist War Babies, Epic recording artist Three Fish and Nash Kato from Urge Overkill to name a few.

Inbetween touring and session work, Richard has been working on music for kids @ South Street Sounds Kids Jam in Philadelphia. Fun rock n roll songs for kids.

He teaches drums and percussion and is a student as well, incorporating West African drumming with the Djembe and Tabla from india.

Richard has been featured in Modern Drummer, The Stranger, Time Out Ny and The Philadelphia Weekly.

Endorsements include Promark sticks and Gms drums.
The Grindylow
The Grindylow
Zach Orgel and Brent Carpenter formed The Grindylow in the ashes of Bloodhag with Brent taking guitar and lead vocal duties. Mike Lee on drums was the final piece of the puzzle. Onward and upwards...

The Grindylow's newest release, "The End Is Nigh" hit the streets 3/14/14. It's a quick blast of what they do best; energetic heavy rock! Songs are available through Bandcamp for download. Check it out. Hard copies available through the band. Email us.

Band website coming soon. Thanks for the interest. See you at the shows...
Venue Information:
109 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98109