The Accused AD, Acid Teeth, Raw Dogs

Sun Nov 12 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


$13.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

BLAG the RIPPER and a cast of thousands return with a desperate bid for cash and immortality- The Dwarves Must Die. Ancient indie label SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY empties the Swiss bank account they share with the WHITE STRIPES and mounts a promotional campaign that threatens to stretch into 4 digits as critical raves multiply and sold out live performances continue.
Careening wildly from garage punk to hardcore, from hip hop to bubble gum pop, from art rock to sheer noise, the album takes a gut wrenching journey through the dark heart of American music to the dirty soul that lies beneath. The single "SALT LAKE CITY" delivers the death blow to pop punk while DJ MARZ supplies the insane B-side.

The new record features perennial favorite HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED along with new stars FRESH PRINCE OF DARKNESS, CLINT TORRES and the Dwarves¹ first female member TAZZIE BUSHWEED. Drummer WRECK TOM is injured in a tortilla factory explosion and is replaced by DUTCH OVENS from industrial thrashers KMFDM.

The Dwarves Must Die also features cameos by ERIC VALENTINE, DEXTER HOLLAND (OFFSPRING) BLACK JOSH FREESE (VANDALS, PERFECT CIRCLE), SAN QUINN (GET LOW PLAYAZ), NASH KATO (URGE OVERKILL), SPIKE (ME FIRST & GIMMIE GIMMIES) and the immortal GARY OWENS (SPACE GHOST). Cover Photographer MICHAEL LAVINE¹s dirty pictures ride the line between smut and sheer genius to a place where parental advisory stickers dare not tread. Nudity, religion and death find expression in the most audacious Dwarves¹ cover since the immortal .BLOOD, GUTS & PUSSY¹.

SPIN magazine rates .Blood, Guts¹ as the most offensive album of all time, edging out the ROLLING STONES and 2 LIVE CREW. SPIN also honors the Dwarves in its .7 Greatest Rock¹n¹Roll Hoaxes¹, but the late HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED still has no comment. The venerable PLAYBOY and the scrappy new MAXIM both rate Dwarves records as among the sexiest album covers of all time.

In 2001 REPTILIAN Records releases .HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE¹, a collection of new versions of classic Dwarves songs. Shows with the Damned, Motorhead, and other old folks follow. BLAG and the artist known as HAIRBOY produce tracks for SWINGIN¹ UTTERS, GODAWFULS, HOLOGRAMS and other underground bands. Blag becomes the announcer for SF cult favorites Incredibly Strange Wrestling and begins the HOW 2 WRITE GOOD column for the Wave Magazine. Dwarves tour Australia with BLOOD DUSTER in 2002. A comedy cd by BLAG DAHLIA- METROSEXUAL is released by Australian label High Voltage.

The Dwarves also supply tracks for films like GHOSTWORLD and ME, MYSELF & IRENE, television shows like VIVA LA BAM and SPONGEBOB and surf and skate videos by guys so cheap even we won¹t mention them. The Dwarves also supply the track "Kids Today" featuring the MATCHES and the AKAs for the compilation ROCK AGAINST BUSH Vol. 2.

Notorious for their ferocious live performances spanning over two decades, the Dwarves tour the world in support of The Dwarves Must Die. In this age of prepackaged punk and ready-made rebellion, the Dwarves remain fiercely independent and unrepentant to the end.
The Accused AD
If you like hardcore and metal. You have a warm spot for good old days. You probably liked the Accused from Seattle. Considered to be one of the top ten crossover bands of the 80’s. With just one original member the real accused is still plugging along. But the rest of the guys from the band still wanted to play the old songs. So what did they do? Formed the accused AD (formerly known as martha’s revenge),
This time around the accused AD will be playing songs off of the Combat Records Release “More fun than an open casket funeral”. To commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the release.
Acid Teeth
Acid Teeth features members from Northwest Punk Veterans: RC5, Go Like Hell, The Triple Sixes, Plaster
Hometown: Seattle WA
Genre: Punk/ Post Hardcore/ Pop Punk
Raw Dogs
Raw Dogs
Splatterbilly/ Psychobilly from Washington state! Fast paced, thrashy, street punk infused with psychobilly party animal apocalypse dudes from outerspace!
Venue Information:
109 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98109