Terror Universal

Terror Universal

Incite, Hades Machine, Toxic Zombie, Ghosts in the Graveyard

Thu Jul 20 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Terror Universal
Terror Universal
Born in a dark galaxy of terror, Horror Metal cannibals TERROR UNIVERSAL, featuring current and former members of Machine Head, Ill Nino, Soulfly, are announcing their imminent and horrendous takeover!

Rott (Vocals), Massacre (Drums), Diabolus (Lead Guitar), & Thrax (Guitars) in preparation for worldwide domination, TERROR UNIVERSAL just wrapped up their first European tour (Nov/Dec 2014), supporting ILL NINO, and will be soon announcing international and U.S. tour dates for 2015.

Be afraid, Terror is coming your way...
US Metal band.
Hades Machine
The concept for HadesMachine began to kick around in my head back in 2007. Granted, being the huge horror nerd that I am, this would be the direction I’d take the project. To set it apart from our contemporaries, I wanted to cover more ground, incorporate more musical styles and really mash things up while not alienating our target audience. Can you drop out of a fast punk chorus into a jazz breakdown? Yes. We can, we do, and it works. Art and music should be challenging, both to the artist as well as the audience. We utilize horns, samples, keys and vocal layering. We push our limits and leave a trail of blood in our wake.

Musical influences include the earlier works of Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Samhain, The Empire Hideous, Foetus / JG Thirlwell, PIG / Raymond Watts, Nick Cave and Tom Waits. It’s punk, metal, jazz, and blues. It’s orchestral disasters and symphonic chaos. It’s what I feel like exploring at any given time.

At the time of this update, I am nearing the halfway point in writing the first HadesMachine novel. The books will be the back story to the song content. The music is the soundtrack to the story. As I create new song concepts, these often become part of the growing storyline, and vice-versa. As a whole, it’s an exercise in exploring exactly how the world we know could be turned inside out and setting it to music.

Two of the biggest influences on the story driven aspects of the project are H.P. Lovecraft and George Romero. Anyone versed in either creative force will be right at home in this realm. It’s equal parts cautionary tale and rampant, escalating destruction. It’s the seemingly undead tearing apart friends and neighbors, pets and livestock, while murderers and madmen ply their trade in the name of revenge or scientific advancement. Social commentary and the darkest pits of the human condition. Anything goes, and probably will.

Uneasy listening to all.

Jake Hades
June 3, 2014

HadesMachine currently is:
Jake Hades – composition, vocals
Nick – Guitar
Matthew – Drums
Don – Bass
David – Guitar
Toxic Zombie
Embalmed with the foundation of American Rock N Roll and rejuvenated with decades of iconic influences. Toxic Zombie has been reborn from the slowly rotting corpse of modern music to bring back the undead drive of straight forward brain eating rock!

Toxic Zombie has self-produced two full length Albums (Poison The Airwaves, Live Toxic, Die Toxic) one E.P (intoxicated), three Music Videos (Gypsy, Run For Your Life, Embrace The Horror) and a lyric video for the most recent single (Liar).They have performed on the Sumerian records stage, for the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, as well as consistently perform as direct support for touring acts that visit the Pacific Northwest region. Toxic Zombie are currently working on a follow up to “Live Toxic, Die Toxic” entitled “Going Viral” but will be releasing singles along the way for fans to enjoy and possibly help guide development. New music videos and lots of live shows throughout the Pacific Northwest will continue to increase while they gear up for national touring in 2017. Being completely self-funded independent artists allow them to bring the fans what the fans want. Versus the laboratory concocted monsters that just stumble around for a while then fall down. Toxic Zombie represents the undying spirit that embodies Rock N Roll culture of all genres and stand by the statement “Rock N Roll is UnDead”
Ghosts in the Graveyard
It all started with a nightmare vision in Byron's brain...an electronic shock rock band with a penchant for theatrics. A band with lyrics that were equal parts horrific, fun, and soul bearing. A band inspired by Cinema, Vaudeville, and Haunted Houses. He shared this vision with a chosen few and Paul Morgan answered the call, creating three demo tracks. These tracks were beyond perfect in capturing the mood and tone of Byron's lyrics, and inspiring new words and vocal melodies. Coming from a Metal and Punk background, Paul brought a much needed edge to the project. With her beautiful voice and classical training it was a forgone conclusion that Shelly would join the band, contributing to the lyrics and vocals on numerous tracks. Together the three couldn't be stopped, and the Ghosts in the Graveyard were born.
Venue Information:
109 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98109