The Heels

KEXPs Sonic Reducer 13th Anniversary

The Heels

The Gallow Swings, The Less Than Equals

Fri May 05 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm


$6.00 - $8.00

This event is 21 and over

Sonic Reducers 1st broadcast was on May 1 2004.
Come party with us punkers!
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The Heels
Whether they admit it or not, everyone's got a bit of a Heel fetish. Stiletto or kitten heel, sweet or sexy, this band has got your number.

The History of The Heels

The Heels slipped into the Seattle rock scene in 2006 when guitarist Paula Spas (Former front woman of Los Angeles' The Angoras and The Real Minx) moved into town, looking for some hot rock action. She hooked up with guitarist Shelly White (The Gloryholes), bassist Kirsten Ballweg (The Donettes, The Black Crabs, The Hot Rollers) and drummer Heidi Jessup (The Hot Rollers, Electric Kisses, Le Shat Noir)...and the first edition of The Heels was born. Times change as they are wont to do in the rock business, so in 2008 Mikhel Boldyn (A/C Autolux, Corporate Avenger) strapped on his bass and in 2013, drummer Mike Correa (The Kent 3, Warning: Danger!), joined The Heels line up--an easy fit.

Sound of The Heels

With a sound that The Stranger calls "lusty eyeliner rock" The Heels deliver boozy verses that meet up with cheerleader choruses in a haze of smoke and glitter. On stage these ladies and gentleman will buff and wax you with show ponies and sweat while delivering no-nonsense rock. While guitarists Spas and White duke out tough riffs layered with piercing melodies, Boldyn and Correa hold down the bottom end to produce tunes that get the crowd moving. The Heels will pump you up, stab you in the heart with their stilettos, and make you purr like a kitten. You'll be sore as hell the next day, but it's such a good hurt. Strap on this band and get your kicks.

Strap on this band and get your kicks!
The Gallow Swings
The Gallow Swings
The Gallow Swings are a heavy swingin' punk blues trio from Seattle WA. (w/ member of The Bali Girls)
The Less Than Equals
Seattle ace EQUALS cover band!

Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks / Young Fresh Fellows)
John Ramberg (Tripwires / Minus 5 / Neko Case)

Two men enter & play some of the greatest songs ever written.
Venue Information:
109 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98109