Twisted Insane

Twisted Insane

C. Ray, Bishop, Dikulz, ISO, Deadly Poets, LabRatz, Tycoon, Tha Droman, Randum, Bad Influence

Fri Jun 09 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


$15.00 - $18.00

This event is all ages

Twisted Insane
Twisted Insane
Outside of little bits of information picked from the internet, not much is known about Twisted Insane other than the fact that he has one of the hardest, fastest flows in the history of hip-hop. Twisted Insane started out his career homeless selling cd's just to get money for food and a room. Eventually, Twisted Insane's buzz grew into something out of control. Fans became more than fans, they became something of a cult. Not "just another rapper" Twisted Insane is the future and apparently those who set the standards agree. Twisted Insane's flow and rhymes are so brutal and high-speed in addition to often being one of the fans two most common choices for fastest rapper on the planet, that Tech N9ne (the other common choice among fans for the title of 'the fastest'), the #1 independent artist in the world recently tapped Twisted Insane for an appearance on Tech N9ne's latest album, the #4 Billboard charting "All 6's And 7's" on the the song "Worldwide Choppers". The worldwide recognition has only intensified the heat surrounding Twisted Insane and with the release of his new video, "Kick Rocks" from his forthcoming album, "The Root Of All Evil", Twisted Insane is set to blast off into the stratosphere.
C. Ray
It's difficult to confine Bishop Briggs to a genre or category. Born in London of Scottish and Irish heritage, Bishop spent her formative years growing up in Japan and Hong Kong. Looking to vent her teenage angst, she fell in love with music through underage trips to Japanese karaoke bars. Days after graduating high school, she moved to Los Angeles to hone her artistic vision with the help of producers Mark Jackson and Ian Brendon Scott.

Bishop's music transcends the limitations of singular genres, blending elements of folk, pop and electronic music into a wholly unique sound. Her debut single "Wild Horses" charged to the forefront of music scene, reaching #1 on Spotify's US Viral Chart and #2 on Spotify's Global Viral 50 charts, garnering airplay on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Show as well as prized spots in Acura's 2016 TLX and ESPN's NFL Playoffs advertisements.

Following up on the resounding success of "Wild Horses," Bishop returns with "River," a searing and cathartic track that sets the tone for her forthcoming debut EP. With more new material and live performances on the way, Bishop is poised to be one of 2016's biggest breakout artists.
Deadly Poets
Deadly Poets is a very dedicated group from Auburn Washington, always recording and making music everyday. They have opened up for such acts as Twisted Insane / Motamouth Jones / Grim Mortality / Cognito / Rappin 4 Tay / Potluck / R.A. The Rugged Man / Whitney Peyton / Three 6 Mafia with plans to open for more big name artists. They have had a lot of radio airplay on the hidden stash on 89.9FM KGRG. The group has been together since 2011 and played over 70+ shows! They strive to grow the movement in the northwest underground hip hop scene. Deadly Poets consists of DJ DP , SWIFT , NIMS , PWEE & SEASIK THE GRIM. With a wide range of styles and unmistakable skills Deadly Poets always put on a good show! The crew is widely respected among artists in the area for there live shows and there sets. Each member brings a unique aspect and style to the group that when blended together makes for a formidable composition!
Venue Information:
109 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98109