DJ Clay

DJ Clay

Fisty Cuffs, bake lo, Sly, 614 Villainz, Crackle Kapone, LabRatz, Toxic Leaf, Enasnimi

Mon Jan 30 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

DJ Clay
DJ Clay
DJ Clay is the newest edition to the Psychopathic family, beginning his rise on the Hatchet with ICP on their Tempest tour, now Clay participates in most of the goings on at Psychopathic Records and the new branch-off label "Hatchet House". He now works on 3 exclusive mixtapes a year in his self-created series "Let 'Em Bleed."
Fisty Cuffs
bake lo
This is where it all begins, my life entering your ears then traveling down to your hearts. I've never had it all but I strive for it, I love my music and best believe I am alive for it. I believe that the worst thing someone could be is misunderstood, and I can honestly say that I am exactly that. I make music for the love that I get, the fans that represent, not the fame or big checks. Its all about the future, its all for the future, and this my friends, this is Only The Beginning!

I was born on March 1, 1994. As I grew up in the small city of Ecorse (on the outskirts of Detroit) I was thought to be a nobody. No Friends and the uncommon belief that I was a waste of space. Until I found music, Well I actually believe that music found me.
It's been proven that music can heal the heart, so in a way you can call me a Lyrical Doctor. I've started by writing my first rhymes when I was about 12(It was horrible). I've came a long way since then; my style, my lyrics, as well as I have all grown dramatically. I've built my own studio TWICE, with lots of help from some good friends.
Then a friend of mine introduced me to a guy that goes by the name of Ikkurruz. Little did I know this would turn out to be a true blessing. I did my first show with him in Riverview, Michigan at a place called the Rack N Roll. It was all UP from there. I got the call... He wanted to sign me to Verbal Abuse! Which I am now proudly apart of the label. On this day I can say I've done many many shows and shared the stage with many amazing artists such as:

Anybody Killa
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Dj Clay
The R.O.C.
Chop Shop
Dark Half
Smoke House Junkiez
Troubled Mindz
& Many More
614 Villainz
The Villainz started out as just a dream, but in 2008 Justin (JayJay), Tucker (Zig Zag) and Brandon (Dj B-done) made that dream into reality. They formed the youngest underground hip hop group in Columbus Ohio, The VILLAINZ! Since 2008 the Villainz have been amazing the local show goers with their stage presents and set props that set the bar in the local rap scene. In 2011 the group released their first full length studio album titled 'All In'. They are now working on their new EP hoping they can find a label to back them with the release. Now with the bullet in the barrel, The Villainz will blow a hole in the head of the industry! So watch out
Crackle Kapone
Toxic Leaf
Venue Information:
109 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98109